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Regular Inspections and maintenance helps to increase safety for your employees, improve performance and maintain efficiency for your business operations, and can help you identify possible code compliance violations and related legal obligations. Inspection-mainentance_ohd

The Cost of Unsafe Doors Expensive Equipment Repairs Rising Medical Expenses Customer and Employee Accidents Lost Administration Time Costly Lawsuits and Settlements
The Cost of Inefficient Doors and Equipment Downtime Lost Productivity and Revenue Poor Public Image Low Employee Morale

Possible code compliance and legal obligations Automatic pedestrian doors should be inspected and tested to industry best practices at least annually by an American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturer (AAADM) certified inspector. Fire-rated rolling, sliding, accordion, and swinging doors should be inspected and tested not less than annually to the criteria found in NFPA 80 (fire) and NFPA 105 (smoke). Based on code language in the 2009 edition of NFPA 101 (life safety), primary egress doors in certain occupancies will be required to be inspected and tested not less than annually